Saturday, August 29, 2020

July/August Updates

After a blogging break last month, I have so very much to update you on. What an amazing God we serve!!

We have added three new MOPS Africa Coaches this month. We warmly welcome these women of God onto our official MOPS Africa leadership team:

Chioma Obasi, representing Nigeria

Leah Njeri, representing Kenya - Nairobi 

Janet Kimitios, representing Kenya - North Rift

Filling two new Kenya coach positions has allowed Sylvia Nyameche to move to a country coordinator role for MOPS Kenya. 

Congratulations to all of our newest MOPS Volunteer Team.

Earlier in August, South Africa held its Virtual MOMCon. Sonja and Ernadize hosted a wonderful event, and a terrific replacement (given the circumstances) for the big conference we were supposed to join them for in person this summer. They used videos from last year's US conference, and well over 200 moms joined them live for this great two-day encouragement and training opportunity. Several MOPS groups in South Africa are in the process of being started because of this awesome event.

Three big trips took place this month, as areas slowly ease COVID restrictions:

1. In Kenya, MOPS coaches Pamela and Janet, along with Pastor Sammy, visited all seven North-Rift region MOPS groups. As leadership was passed on from Pamela to Janet in this MOPS area, these remote groups were very excited to get updated live training and greetings from the Kenya leadership. 

Sylvia and Leah also took a trip to check on some area groups. And most recently, Sylvia traveled out to Mombasa on the East side of the country to launch a brand new group!

A visit from Pamela and Janet to Makutano MOPS

Sylvia launching Kenya's newest MOPS group, in Mombasa

2. Five members of the Ghana leadership team, including coach Harriet, took a trip to a new region - Cape Coast - where they met with 38 interested leaders from many local churches to teach them about the MOPS ministry. We look forward to welcoming many new groups as a result of this trip!

3. Stephanie, our MOPS Rwanda leader managed to visit 7 of the15 Kigali-based groups this month, before the government re-imposed stricter lockdown restrictions. They were all so happy to have a visit with her after such a long time away.

And here are a few other fun highlights from the last two months: 

Zambia leadership team meeting

Waiyaki MOPS meeting in Kenya

Gatundu MOPS meeting in Kenya

Zambia MOPS meeting in Lusaka, with coordinator Elevine

Selfies at the Ghana leadership meeting in Accra

Friday, July 3, 2020

June Updates

June flew by! And God is good all the time. It was a relatively quiet month. On a personal note, I was busy moving, and it took a lot out of my free time. But our African groups did what they could despite many of the difficulties of still being on full or partial lockdown. There are many groups really having a difficult time still. Survival is all that many can manage, being without work, school, and food.

Here are a few things to celebrate:

First, let us welcome our newest MOPS Africa Coach -  Harriet Livingstone from Ghana. She is a mom of two beautiful children, and she is doing a fantastic job overseeing the 15 MOPS groups in her country.

Pastor Harriet Livingstone

This month, several of our leaders have taken the next step, and formed a mentor group, comprised of women who want to focus on the important step of mentorship of younger moms in their MOPS groups. This group has mentors all around Africa, and I look forward to seeing all the good comes from this.

About a week ago, the Global Team hosted a Global Leadership Summit called Stronger Together, welcoming over 100 MOPS leaders from all across the world. Many of our Africa groups were excited to be a part of this. If you want a peek into what this was all about, you can see the replay here:

Celebrating all of our Global MOPS Volunteer Team during the summit
A fantastic opportunity for training and encouragement

One of our Teen MOPS groups in Uganda was able to purchase sewing machines a few months ago, and they have been working hard learning a new skill this month!

Moms learning to sew face masks

We've had a few babies born this month. Congratulations to MOPS coordinators Joy in Nigeria and Faith Rose in Kenya!! Many blessings to your families and special prayers of anointing on your precious babies.

Joy with her new baby boy

And please keep a few of our mommas in your prayers: One mother in Uganda lost her special-needs son this month. Praying for peace for this family. And another mother in Kenya is grieving the rape of her young daughter. We are never without tragedy in this life. Lifting up these moms and our MOPS moms all over the world during this very difficult time going through extra difficult circumstances.

One sweet MOPS family, the day before their son passed on.

To end on a positive note, here's one of our Zambia groups, lead by Elevine, meeting for the first time since lockdown:

Praying during their MOPS meeting

Monday, June 1, 2020

May Updates

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. - Philippians 4:8

Another month, more good news to report. I'm always thankful for the opportunity to look back over the month when I do these posts. It is such a great reminder that God is still working even when the darkness seems so overwhelming at times. There is always something praiseworthy.

MOPS Africa has gotten impressively technology-savvy this month ... which is crazy only because I myself struggle so much with it. But our African leaders were ready to jump into this long before I was, and it was the biggest blessing to all of us.

We've had four online video meetings on Zoom this month. The first was a trial-run to make sure everyone could log-on well. The time was filled with introductions, encouragement, and opening the floor for everyone to share a bit. We had over 35 MOPS Africa leaders from 11 countries! 

The last three meetings were virtual trainings on the following topics: 

  • All about MOPS Mentors
  • MOPS 101 - an introduction for our newer groups
  • MOPS Outreach

Praising God for such good turnout to all of these meetings and a wonderful opportunity to connect with so many leaders virtually when meeting in-person this year is not possible.

This month, a brand new MOPS group, lead by leader Oluchi Ogu, started in Andranomena Ambohbao, Madagascar. Congratulations for a great first meeting ladies. Welcome to the Global Sisterhood!

The first meeting is off to a good start - icebreaker!

We had several MOPS areas recently experience significant flooding in their towns - West Pokot, Kenya and Kasese, Uganda. One MOPS group in particular had several families loose most everything - please pray for them! But amidst the chaos, some neighboring MOPS groups came together and did what they do well - they make 2,000 bars of soap to help hand out to those most affected by the flooding. Subsequently, relief help also came with food, too.

Mixing the liquid before pour into bars of soap

And for fun - look at these colorful MOPS shirts our Cameroon group just ordered. Love it! 

Many countries across the continent still have restricted movement, and that's quite a struggle for MOPS groups. We pray that these areas stay safe and begin to open as soon as they are able.

And I want to close here with a benediction my pastor says every week as he closes service. It rings truer than ever now - We don't know what the next month will bring, but may God bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you strength, courage, and peace.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

April Updates

This past month has been challenging for every MOPS group around the globe. Things have looked different in our motherhood connections during April. But there's always something to celebrate, so let's get to it:

First, we are going through group renewals and updating the counts for MOPS groups throughout Africa this week. I'm thrilled to say, MOPS Africa is now officially reaching 3,500 moms across 150 groups.  Last count I had was 2,500 - so, that is amazing! This ever expanding ministry on the continent is creating amazing waves of hope and community. Better moms make a better world, and our African leaders are on fire for reaching moms. We are praying this whole continent is lit up one day, reaching moms all over for Jesus!

Speaking of new MOPS members, our MOPS Madagascar group had their first MOPS meeting this month. It was online due to restrictions, but it was a successful first meeting, nonetheless. Welcome to the sisterhood, MOPS Madagascar!

Though our leaders can't be together over the next few months for what was going to be some amazing fellowship and training at various conferences across Africa (Ghana, South Africa, and Ghana to name a few), we had several leaders step up to show some love to us all. What a beautiful group of mommas! ... Hey Momma, You Are Doing Great! Have Courage, Stay Strong! With Love, MOPS Africa

One of the biggest difficulties right now across the continent are food shortages, due to lack of work before of the lockdowns. Many of our leaders have stepped up and are working hard to support their moms in the best way they can right now. They are helping to buy food and lending encouragement in-person where they can. Thank you to our leadership for being servant leaders during this time - for reaching out to your moms with much needed encouragement and support!


In not-so-great news, we have two MOPS members in Kenya that have tested positive for the COVID virus. Please keep them and their families and community in your prayers!

And finally, for a few more sweet photos I received this month....

Senegal: A peek into their MOPS meeting before gatherings in their country were shut down.

Cameroon: Leaders showing off their new promotional sign, outlining how MOPS can better their community:

Saturday, March 28, 2020

March Updates

In as much as the COVID-19 virus has impacted everyone around the globe, it has not left behind our African sisters. The news ranges between countries or towns, of course. Many of the African countries have taken a very strong stance and instituted strict protocol on their regions to keep the virus out or the number infected low. That is hopeful. But these lockdown restrictions have caused other very stressful issues, as well. There are no easy answers here. But we have a faithful God and know that no matter the trial, He is our source of protection and comfort!

My trip in May has been postponed, of course. As global travel opens, I will be reorganizing a trip. But for now, there's no indication how quickly that may be. It has left many MOPS Africa leaders and myself disappointed.

But now onto some fun news; because MOPS Africa is an amazing group of world-changing moms, and that is always worth celebrating.

Our Lekki, Nigeria MOPS groups held their first meeting this month. What a gorgeous group of moms we welcome into our MOPS sisterhood.

Meble, who works with moms of special needs children in Kampala, Uganda, took a special trip to visit her moms individually when they were not able to come meet together this month. She blessed them with food and love.

Our Ghana leadership team has been preparing to hold their country-wide conference mid-May if restrictions are lifted in the next few weeks. And if not, they'll postpone for a better time. They have over 400 moms interested in coming!

On International Women's Day earlier in March, one of our Rwanda MOPS groups blessed a mom who had recently been left by her husband. They sang with her, shared some of their food, and let her tell her story. What a blessing they were!

And here is an incredibly sweet gesture by one of our MOPS South Africa leaders' husbands.... who contributes to their monthly MOPS meetings by regularly taking charge of the childcare for the meeting. This month he set up this cookie dough activity to keep the little ones engaged while the moms met to talk about balancing work and motherhood. Thank you to all the dads who contribute to making these MOPS meetings a success in different ways!

Many of our MOPS groups, in Africa and around the globe, will not be meeting in person this coming month and possibly for many weeks to come. I have loved hearing from our African leaders about ways they will be staying in touch with their communities during this time. We have some planning on holding video calls, some who are starting up WhatsApp MOPS meetings. And other leaders who are intentionally checking in on each of their moms to pray and encourage her. MOPS is changing the world, one family at a time. And I am grateful to see this continuing, whether groups can meet in person or not.

Stay courageous, STRONG LEADERS, for you were born for such a time as this!

As always, I like to share a few extra photos of our MOPS groups in action this month:


Kiberia, Kenya MOPS, listening to a guest speaker - Pastor Ben

Selfies at a Moshi MOPS meeting!

Gertrude working with some moms in her community at their MOPS meeting


MOPS Leader Peace and their group in Soreti, Uganda had their first To The Full meeting this month learning about living with fun and joy!

Friday, February 28, 2020

February Updates

Earlier this month I had a visit to MOPS Headquarters in Denver. Once a year the 12 Global leaders (myself representing MOPS Africa), as well as the top 30 US leaders, meet together with MOPS staff for a leadership summit. We are trained and equipped to carry-on into the next MOPS year strong.

We were taught about the importance of Excellence in our service within this MOPS organization. MOPS has a unique opportunity to reach moms all over our communities and the world, and if we do that with excellence, women see our love and grow closer to Jesus as a result. Not only that, but each mom in MOPS represents a family, and what a ripple effect our leaders and MOPS groups can have on her! When our leaders pour encouragement, prayers, and truth into moms, it may be felt for generations to come. But that will only happen with excellence.

Sherri Crandall spoke beautifully about how we can be in danger of loosing momentum if we are not all doing our part in the process. MOPS leadership in Denver pours into me, so that I can pour into our MOPS Africa coaches and leaders. Our Africa leaders in-turn pour into their MOPS groups and moms, so that they can then pour into the community and make changes in the world. In order for us to thrive as leaders in MOPS we must always pursue excellence - by pursuing God, pursuing others, and pursuing growth.

Melodi Leih taught us about the potential of MOPS and about our plan to stay on course of reaching moms: We must remain focused and eliminate distractions, because obstacles in our life will throw us off our race. We must carve out time to serve, because the life-changing relationships in MOPS do not happen without prioritizing this ministry in our lives.

I love the African leaders I get to serve with each day and the global leaders I get to collaborate with regularly, too. I'm grateful for the commitment every one of these women have made to making better moms and a better world!

MOPS Global Team in Denver

Preparing the next global curriculum!

I want to introduce our two newest MOPS Africa coaches we added to the team this month:

Saphira Mukuma from Zambia -

and Ernadize Fourie from South Africa -

Welcome to the MOPS Volunteer Team, ladies!! We are very grateful for the time and commitment these women dedicate to helping moms grow!

Our coaches have the responsibilities of:
1. Maintaining a strong relationship with the groups in her area, reaching out at least once a month, and aiming to visit in person once a year.
2. Training new leaders and ensuring the leaders in her area understand and complete leadership training and use the curriculum sent out by MOPS.
3. Investing in herself through MOPS training and through a true relationship with Jesus.
4. Starting new MOPS groups in her area.
5. Reporting back to me once a month on how her MOPS area is doing!

If our African leaders have questions or concerns about MOPS, a coach is your best place to start! We have eight MOPS Africa coaches now:
Sylvia (South/West Kenya), Pamela (North-Rift Kenya), Stephanie (Rwanda), Penlope (West Uganda), Sylvia (East Uganda), Saphira (Zambia), Chilufya (Zambia), Ernadize (South Africa).

We also have Favour serving as MOPS Country Coordinator over Zambia and Sonja serving as MOPS Country Coordinator over South Africa.

I also wanted to recognize our MOPS mentor Chioma, who was highlighted in this online article from Swim (Supporting Women in Ministry) International:

To highlight a few of our beautiful MOPS groups this month:

Ivory Coast
MOPS group in Yamoussoukro, led by Viviane

MOPS group in Lusaka, led by Elevine

MOPS group in Jina, led by Jackline


MOPS Rwanda prayer meeting in Kigali, lead by Stephanie

South Africa

Sonja, Ernadize, and Roana sharing at a local function all about MOPS!