Thursday, April 19, 2018

Zambia MOPS

There are currently six MOPS groups in Zambia, with over 150 moms registered there. And these women are doing truly inspiring things in their community.

Some of our MOPS moms in Lusaka, Zambia

Last August, the original group in Lusaka (the capital of Zambia) adopted a maternity ward which they have committed to regularly visit, share the word of God, and give these new moms spiritual and emotional encouragement. The MOPS groups have raised money to support this ward in very tangible ways, like providing a microwave, cleaning supplies, and medical supplies. The women who give birth here don't have enough money for a proper hospital. And at public institutions like these, they can expect to share a bed with several other women. They often have to give birth on the floor, without adequate medical attention. 

Two women share a bed at the Lusaka maternity ward

Favour Mwaba, the coach for our Zambia groups, visited the U.S. last September to attend MomCon 2017 and learn more about how she can bring MOPS to the moms in Zambia. She was also able to accompany me back to Washington D.C. and speak at two local MOPS groups in Maryland.

Myself, Favour, and another MOPS leader in front of the White House

Favour speaking at a local MOPS group in Maryland

I have been so inspired at what Favour and her groups have been able to do since she returned home to Zambia just a few months ago. For starters, the number of groups in Zambia has since increased from one to six!

In December, Zambia MOPS fundraised enough money to bring two leaders from Kampala, Uganda to teach the Zambian moms how to make soap. The Kampala group has been working for over a year, to learn the skills of soap making to raise money for their teen-MOPS group. The goals of Zambia MOPS learning this new skill are two fold: to provide their adopted maternity ward with soap for the moms giving birth, and to sell the soap in their community to give back to the ward financially. The MOPS groups are also learning skills like beaded jewelry, making deodorant, and also sewing doormats, in order to raise funds for the maternity ward.

Jane, a MOPS leader, giving soap making a try!
In January, one of the Zambia MOPS leaders joined 15 other leaders from East Africa for a MOPS leadership training in Nairobi.

Chilufya and myself in Nairobi, Kenya for a MOPS leadership training

And I just found out yesterday that another Zambia group has recently adopted 3 local orphans and are providing their food and schooling needs.

These kids can attend school this year because of MOPS Zambia
In final exciting news, just this week Zambia MOPS has received their government certificate, to be recognized as an official organization in their country. They have been eagerly waiting this for 8 months! This certificate means that they are now free to advertise MOPS on local media, and they are also able to set up official business ventures, like their soap making.

Official registration for MOPS Zambia

Praying that God will continue to give them, and all of MOPS Africa, the fire to do great things for His glory!

Zambia, Africa

Monday, April 2, 2018

A few exciting firsts

If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied. But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead! 1 Cor. 15:17-20

I pray that everyone had a fantastic Easter with their church and family. 💛

I am excited to share a few updates about some firsts that are happening in our MOPS groups around the continent of Africa....

One of our newest MOPS groups, located in Tiko, Cameroon, had their first MOPS meeting last week. They will be meeting Monday evenings, twice a month. And while we are so excited that they had 7 women attend their first meeting, the group is now focusing on how to create awareness in their community to find more moms to attend MOPS!

Tiko MOPS first meeting


Our MOPS groups in Capetown, South Africa held their first mom's-night-out last weekend. This idea of moms gathering together for food and fellowship is popular here in the U.S., as well. Nothing formal is planned; it is just a time to have fun and get together with other moms in the community! They had 50 women attend their event, many of whom aren't a part of their MOPS group. But Capetown MOPS is hoping this will lead many of these moms to start attending meetings.

Capetown MOPS mom's-night-out


The Kilimanjaro, Tanzania MOPS group is planning their first community event to a local hospital for their next MOPS meeting in April. They will visit with new moms in the hospital, as a service and outreach project. I was also happy to hear that the group has added a few new moms since I visited in January.

Discussion groups from the most recent Kilimanjaro MOPS meeting. The topic was Devotion 3: Self-Control from the new Global Curriculum. 

We love celebrating firsts here at MOPS! And from the passion and enthusiasm taking place in these and many of our other African groups, I know this is just the beginning of what I'll have to share.