Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June updates

It's been a few weeks, and we have several updates.


MOPS South Africa has been preparing for their August Moms Conference in Capetown. They have lined up several speakers and breakout sessions for the two-day event. And they have invited all local moms in their area, in addition to their MOPS moms. In big news, a local Christian radio station is promoting and sponsoring the event, and plans are being finalized for a few ladies from MOPS Zambia to attend. We can't wait to get updates to see how the conference goes, and see the ways these women around Capetown and beyond will be blessed by this event!

If your Africa group has any interest or questions about attending, please contact Sonja Basson, South Africa Coach.


Additionally, we have several leaders from around the continent of Africa who are raising money to attend the annual MOMcon conference this year in Louisville, KY at the end of September. What a great opportunity for these leaders who are planning to attend!


I also wanted to highlight one of our MOPS group in Kisii, Kenya. Their leader has shared with me the work that they are doing in their community teaching and training about HIV/AIDS. These women have a passion for teaching local families about how and why HIV spreads and also encouraging and praying for families that are currently battling with the illness. The are addressing issues like stigma, shame, denial, discrimination, inaction, and mis-action.

This group is also collectively saving for a poultry project. Slowly and faithfully they are hoping to have enough to start their own group chicken coop. MOPS is growing in this area of Kenya and the group is very excited!


A few groups could use your prayers:

In an area of Kasese, Uganda where we have 9 MOPS groups, the city is struggling with a few incidences of kidnapping and a bomb was recently found in the marketplace (thank God, before it defused). There has been some unrest in the region for the last few years, and prayers for the safety of this area is appreciated!

Many of our groups in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda are still experiences issues with heavy rainfall, during a rainy season that has lasted many month. Some of our groups have women and families that have been affected by this rain! Please keep them in your prayers, as well.

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  1. Lord protect your people in those area mentioned and beyond in Jesus name Amen.