Saturday, July 7, 2018

Cows and Cake!

Today we have several things to celebrate at MOPS Africa.

One of our groups, located in Kisii Kenya has recently pooled their money together to buy a cow! They are calling it the One Cow Project. From this cow, they are hoping to birth a cow for each member of their MOPS group. Having a cow represents sustainable living in rural parts of East Africa. The cow can give milk or meat, or birth more calves to then sell. This group is working hard to provide each of their moms with an income opportunity to help support her family. Because when food and money are scare, it is hard to focus on some of the other important aspects of motherhood.

Please also pray for the coordinator in this group, Jacky. She has malaria, a disease that comes from mosquitos. It is unfortunately an all-too-common illness in many parts of Africa, and it something that is often encountered in rural areas like Kisii. While treatable, it can also be very dangerous, and we pray for her quick recovery.

Kisii, Kenya MOPS and their one cow (behind Pastor Richard and coordinator Jacky)

We had a kickoff meeting for our first group in Nigeria last week! It is so exciting to see new groups start up, and this one has been prayed about for some time. Reaching our moms for Jesus in West Africa is just as important as anywhere else on the continent, and I believe God will be doing some amazing things through these ladies in Lagos. They celebrated their first meeting with a beautiful cake and 7 moms who were introduced to MOPS. They will be meeting again in a few weeks.

First meeting in MOPS Lagos, Nigeria. Lead by new MOPS coordinator, Bukola

And because pictures are so fun, here is a group meeting in South Sudan at a MOPS leader training event. We pray that they are learning and feel encouraged to reach many moms in their community!

MOPS training in Amadi, South Sudan


  1. Lovely Cows and Cakes. Nigeria and Sudan. How nice

  2. Lovely Cows and Cakes. Nigeria and Sudan. How nice

  3. How glad I am to see the MOPs moving and expanding even to other parts of Africa. My group in South Sudan well done for keeping your promise to Jesus