Sunday, September 2, 2018

Many answered prayers

We have so many things to celebrate this week...

South Africa's MOMCon was a big success! It was held in Capetown, where 5 of the 6 current MOPS groups are located, and it was hosted at Sonja's church (Vredelust Church) with a local Christian radio station sponsor! 150 women attended from around the Capetown area, and 100 of these ladies were not previously a part of any MOPS group. They also hosted four of our Zambian MOPS leaders from Lusaka: Chilufya, Lozindaba, Harriet, and Sapphira. At MOMCon there were several guest speakers and breakout sessions, and it was a beautiful, well-run event that blessed many moms!

Sonja, South Africa coach, together with MOPS Zambia leaders 

Sonja on stage greeting the attendees

Entrance into the church

In other news, Cynthia (our Kisii Kenya leader) gave birth to a beautiful girl. Her name is Blessing. Cynthia ended up getting pre-eclampsia (very high blood pressure), and so for the mom and baby's safety, they preformed an emergency c-section earlier than expected. They are both home now, praise God! Cynthia is taking longer to recover than they would like, but will continue to monitor her progress.

Additionally, Sylvia and baby Jesa from the Kampala Teen MOPS group are now doing well, and the team from Germany is there now working very hard and accomplishing many things! They are doing construction in the soap workshop that the MOPS group runs, and helping them with marketing and selling their soap in the marketplace. 

And now for our prayer requests! Due to upcoming elections, Southern Cameroon is having a period of political unrest, and there is a lot of fighting and violence happening very near the area where our MOPS moms live. The group has been unable to meet for a while because of this political strife, and some of the moms have been unable to work or have had to relocate. Please pray for peace in this area of the world!

In two weeks, Favour Mwaba, myself, the Global MOPS team, and thousands of other MOPS leaders from across America will meet for our MOMcon USA in Louisville, Kentucky. We are praying for a time where God does great things for moms around the world. And I will personally be praying and advocating for all of our African groups, especially. I will update you after we return home!

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