Monday, October 15, 2018

Conferences galore!

It's time for my monthly post with updates from MOPS Africa. Even though it's only been a few weeks, it feels like a lifetime has happened since the last post!

Favour had a wonderful trip to the U.S. at the end of September to join me for the annual MOPS converence - MOMcon - in Louisville, KY. We had a day of training, brainstorming, praying, and fellowship together followed by a few days of an amazing conference. We both learned a lot and are revitalized to continue to serve God through MOPS!

Favour and Destiny in Louisville

Favour with Sherri Crandall, VP of Global Ministries and Leadership Experience at MOPS

Upon returning home, Favour hosted a leadership meeting and a MOPS Zambia conference to share some of the information she took home from MOMcon. And that group is on fire for bringing MOPS into their community!
They are planning for a large conference in April 2019, and that will be open to MOPS leadership from other African countries attending.

Leadership meeting

MOPS Zambia conference

MOPS Kenya has had significant growth in the last several months. Seven new groups have started in 2018, and we are expecting three more to become official over the new few weeks. Many of the new groups are located in the North Rift region of the country, and this weekend Pastor Sammy met with the new leadership and pastors in that area to introduce the basic values of MOPS and ensure consistency and comradery within the country. In December, MOPS Kenya is planning for a country-wide conference in Kitale for all of the women coordinators.

6 leaders representing Kenya's North Rift region.
Additionally, Pastor Sammy had an opportunity to visit with Pastor Rhodah and Kenya Coach Cherry Tay in Nairobi last week to re-establish vision and excitement in the country.

Pastor Sammy, Pastor Rhodah, and Coach Cherry Tay

MOPS Kasese Uganda also held their area's MOPS conference this weekend! There were 200 moms who attended. The Deputy Minister of Energy and Resources for Uganda came to give a speech and also helped hand out certificates to the moms who have completed MOPS-lead courses in classes like tailoring, soap-making, and hair dressing!

Certificates handed out by the Deputy Minister of Energy and Resources

More certificates!
MOPS moms displaying the soap they have learned to make

And, finally, please continue your prayers for our sisters in MOPS Cameroon. The violence has not stopped and our leaders are having to relocate to keep safe. The country held elections last week, but results have not been decided yet.