Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! Something(s) to celebrate....

I want to take time, as we come to a close for 2018, to share how God has moved in MOPS Africa!

Here are some of the highlights of the year:

* One year ago, MOPS Africa had 30 groups across 7 countries. 
  Today, MOPS Africa is in 57 groups across 11 countries. 
  MOPS is also making big headway into West Africa, where we previously did not have any groups.

Two members of our newest African group (in Lagos, Nigeria) 

*The Global MOPS team released a Global Curriculum (edited by two of our African leaders) aimed at making MOPS material that is relevant to moms in our developing countries. This curriculum was introduced to several African groups during my visit to East Africa in January of this year. And, it has been translated not only into two African languages (Swahili and Malagasy), but into 13 other languages around the globe!
Sylvia of Nairobi, Kenya holding up her newly translated Global Curriculum

*Three countries hosted their own locally-run MOPS conferences during the year: South Africa (in August), Uganda (in October), and Kenya (in December), which directly reached more than 350 moms.

Leaders from across Kenya at their MOPS conference in December

*I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in January for a MOPS training for 16 MOPS leaders (from Uganda, Zambia, and Kenya). During this trip I also lead a training and MOPS meeting for our group in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

*Favour, our Zambian MOPS Coach, attended MOMcon 2018 in Louisville in September and received valuable training to take back to her country, where they are currently planning their own MOPS conference.

*We have 8 official U.S. partnerships to African MOPS groups.

*If you haven't seen the other posts throughout the year, please take a look. There are so many beautiful updates to celebrate!

And we have some very exciting things already in the works for 2019, including:

*I will be making two visits in the first part of the year to Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia for MOPS related training.

*Zambia will have its official MOPS launch in April. We are planning for several global leaders to attend.

*South Africa is planning its second MOPS conference in August.

*We are planning for a number of MOPS African leaders to attend MOMcon in Orlando in September.

We are praying for God's strong hand in all of this and trust that His will be done. Wishing you all a joyous and wonderful New Year!!


  1. amazing growth...God has done great things

  2. Thanks Destiny for the update. Indeed Mops in Africa is a big blessing. We thank God.

  3. Thanks to God for this great ministry ,better moms makes a better world, congratulations Destiny for your tireless effort to make this happen, you are a source of strength and pillar to this development, a gift tailored specifically for Africa.