Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The countdown begins!

We are one week from my departure in Washington DC, back to East Africa for several big MOPS events! Mollie Randall, a U.S. MOPS coordinator and very good friend, will be joining me on this 10 day trip, and we have two stops planned: Kitale, Kenya and Lusaka, Zambia.

In Kitale, we will meet with 23 current or perspective MOPS Kenya leaders for a retreat. And then we will be joining a local MOPS meeting! Mollie and I are hoping for lots of good fellowship and training in both events.

In Lusaka, MOPS Zambia will be hosting their official MOPS launch, inviting members of their community as well as MOPS leaders to officially launch MOPS in their country. They will have 7 groups representing, and are currently reaching over 150 moms in Zambia.

Prayers for beautiful fellowship, and health/safely on this trip are always appreciated.

And here are some MOPS Africa group updates from the first part of March....

MOPS Cameroon is growing and beautiful! At their most recent meeting, the group had a guest speaker come to talk about sustainability and the importance of health group dynamics, especially in times of crises. The group also donated clothing to a local shelter for those that have been displaced due to the recent country conflicts. And they shared together some Chin-Chin (a local made fried, cubed sugar pastry), "american pancakes", and Bitter Lemon (a local drink). We are so excited about what MOPS is doing for moms in Cameroon, despite so many recent political struggles. May God bless you all immensely.

American pancakes and Bitter Lemon soda

One of our coordinators, Sylvia, from Kapenguria, Kenya gave birth to a beautiful baby son. Congratulations on your newest addition!

Additionally, Sonja, our South African MOPS coach also gave birth to a healthy boy just this week! We are so thankful for this great news. Congratulations Sonja. 

And another beautiful praise! The son of our Moshi Tanzania coordinator has finally completed his multiple brain surgeries, and he is back at home after a long 4 months. This little boy has endured a lot, and we pray that his recover is smooth and uneventful.

Sylvia (different Sylvia!), our Kenyan coach, has been busy again this month, too. She got to visit two more area groups: Nyamarimbe and Kisii Ogembo.  

And finally, here are some photos of our Kitale, Kenya group, working to make some hot pots. Nice job ladies. I can't wait to come and see!

And our Kaijado, Kenya group having a snack before starting their meeting.

I am looking forward to sharing my own in-person photos on the next post!


  1. Thanks DesDest for the upupdate. Lovely pics

  2. Amazing and wonderful work God bless MOPS Africa,moms you are impacting communities. Lovely job

  3. I like MOPS women meet together love each other than before, Kasese Mops Uganda is appreciating mops services have improved the of living and reaching more women. At first it wasn't easy because men never wanted to release their wives, now they see great changes and are willing allowing to meet with other women in MOPS. Our to Destiny Leah , Cristina Cardoso and all mops officers USA.