Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July Updates

The big news this month is a big congratulations for our South Africa team on a successful MOMCon. The event was held on July 29 at Vredelust Gemeente Church in Cape Town, with over 100 moms in attendance. Included in that number were 40 moms who aren't yet a part of MOPS. And from the specific interest in MOPS at the conference, we are confident that MOPS in South Africa will be growing. There were also six representatives from outside of the Cape Town area, looking to increase their understanding and leadership training, as well as network with other global leaders:

Three MOPS group leaders from Uganda - Jackline, Miriam, and Aisha
Two MOPS leaders from Zambia - Jane and Vidah
One MOPS leaders from a different region of South Africa - Rene

What a fun opportunity for these leaders to get to attend an international conference. They learned a lot to take back home with them to their MOPS communities. Thank you for taking the time away from your families to focus on MOPS!

At the all-day conference, there was worship, training, several panel discussions, and in Sonja's words - There was very good vision casting for MOPS!

Sonja - Front left, with some MOPS SA leadership and some international visitors from Zambia and Uganda

Panel discussions
MOPS Uganda, finding their fire!

Additionally, some of our newest MOPS groups have begun to meet in Rwanda. So far we have seven new groups registered from our visit to Hope Haven, and more on the way. Look at this sweet picture of one group's first meeting!

And last but not least, here is a photo from the most recent MOPS meeting in South Sudan, with their pastor holding up the Find your Fire curriculum they are working through.


  1. We thank God for the successful SA conference and the new groups that have been opened in Rwanda. Thanks for the updates Destiny

  2. Dear Destiny,

    Thank you very much for your hard working with African MOPS groups and I also wish to registry my sincerely greeting and happy new year to all my friends in Christ in MOPS group, we are all the servant of Jesus Christ. May His name be Glory Amen!!!

    Best regards

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