Sunday, September 1, 2019

August Updates

I wanted to post a few quick updates from the airport before I head off to MOMcon! Please pray for safe travels for Favour Mwaba and for all of the other leaders coming from around the US and the world.

First of all, we had a big initiative for our Leadership Training certification for MOPS this month. We really want at least one leader from each MOPS group around the world to be trained in our leadership program. And this month, we had 17 leaders complete the training. And another 10 are currently working on completing it. Many leaders could not complete the videos online so they diligently read through all of the transcripts to get it done! Congratulations to the following leaders for completing it!!

Bukola (Nigeria)
Chioma (Nigeria)
Stephanie (Rwanda)
Pastor Alison (Uganda)
Sylvia (Uganda)
Penlope (Uganda)
Aisha (Uganda)
Jackline (Uganda)
Sylvia (Kenya)
Favour (Zambia)
Harriet (Zambia)
Sonja (South Africa)
Cecile (South Africa)
Liezl (South Africa)
Lise (South Africa)
Eleanor (South Africa)
Ernadise (South Africa)

In other great news this month:

Meble is the leader of our first African special needs MOPS group and is doing an amazing job. These moms are often times restricted to their home to take care of all of the needs of their children alone, because there are no resources for special needs children in the schools or community. These moms have a deep desire for community, and a real need to develop a relationship with Jesus. Their society hates them. Most of the mothers are unaware of their children's condition or how to help support them. They believe it is due to witchcraft and visit many witch doctors looking for a way of changing their child's condition. Please pray for this group who has a difficult time meeting because bringing their children into the meeting is difficult! Please pray for the leader, Meble, to have the strength to do this big and important job of reaching these mothers in her community.


This is Cathy. She is starting up our first MOPS groups in Mali, Africa. This country is less than 1% Christian and in deep need of a ministry like MOPS. It's ranked a level 4 (the highest!) on the US state department for safety. This group could use many prayers as they begin to meet.

Just yesterday MOPS Zambia had a delightful fundraising breakfast where they ate, played, prayed, and encouraged each other. They also raised funds for their soap and pad making initiative for the Chipata Clinic maternity ward, women's prisons, and the community at large. It looks like a great time for all. Prayers that they meet the funding they need to continue their projects that will make a big impact in their community.

Two of our Kampala MOPS groups are working together sewing multiuse bags, machine sewn, made of sacks. The funds they make from these bags will help support the school fees for the children. Nice work ladies!!

Here is a photo update from our Moshi, Tanzania MOPS group. 

And from one of our new groups meeting in Kampala, Uganda. Love the colors, ladies!

And hello to our MOPS group in Kisii, Kenya, too!


  1. I am praying for your safe travel. I also hope you have the most wonderful time at MOMcon. And that many people partner with groups in Africa. I am so sad not to be there with you this week. But I am with all of you in my thoughts that are many!

  2. Wow!Amazing how God is at work all over the world.I will praying for these groups!