Thursday, October 31, 2019

October Updates

There are oh-so-many fun things to say about our MOPS Africa groups this month.

Tomorrow (Friday, November 1), we are hosting a 24-hour prayer day. For an entire 24 hours, we have lined up people around the globe to be praying and fasting for our leaders in MOPS Africa - 48 people in 16 different countries coming together to pray the following:
  • Psalm 115:1 - For God's glory to shine through this MOPS ministry. May we be ever striving to glorify our Lord as we serve Him in MOPS.
  • Mark 16:15 - To reach more moms in our current MOPS communities that don't know Jesus. That we may not only change the lives of these women, but their whole families. May the next generation of Africa be changed because of this good work.
  • 1 Tim 2:1-4 - For all of our MOPS leadership, both in our country and through MOPS Africa. May the Lord keep them safe, focused, and may He raise up committed, honesty, servant leadership to fulfill this big task ahead of us.
  • Phil 4:19 - For the provision of resources needed to accomplish the work set before us.
  • James 1:5 - For wisdom to lead our MOPS groups well
  • Psalm 51:10 - For our leaders to have a pure heart and personal relationship with Jesus by regularly studying his word and being in prayer
I am so excited to see what comes as a result of these petitions to God on behalf of MOPS Africa. And for those who are not on our official signup sheet, we still covet your prayers alongside ours on this day! Join in, knowing that at that same moment, you are joining a MOPS sister in prayer on the other side of the world on behalf of MOPS Africa.

Since Favour's and my visit to Kigali in June, 17 MOPS groups have started in the beautiful country of Rwanda, hosting over 650 moms!! We have Stephanie Birundi to thank for this incredible growth - who we also just welcomed as our newest MOPS Coach! MOPS Rwanda had a beautiful leadership conference this month, and we are just so excited for the growth and excitement for MOPS in Rwanda.

Leadership conference
Stephanie, our newest MOPS Africa coach

In Malawi, our devoted brother in Christ, Sky, is working very hard overseeing our MOPS Leadership handbook and Global Curriculum translation into the Chichewa language, so women around the country will be able to access our materials in a language they can understand. The process is slow, but full of love. First, the documents are translated by hand into a journal. The handwritten notes are then typed one page at a time on a hired computer at an internet cafe, saved on a usb flash disc, and then transferred to email. Finally, they are compiled back into the original document format again.

Getting started

Hand written
Off to the internet cafe for transcription

Final Product!

Here's a peek into a few of our MOPS meetings that happened in October:

Githunguchu, Kenya MOPS

Juba, South Sudan MOPS

Tiko, Cameroon MOPS - Making fish cakes together!

Nakuru Kenya MOPS

Jinja, Uganda MOPS

And last but not least, here is an update on our MOPS Leadership Certification Training - We have had 31 new MOPS leaders, moms, and pastors complete this important training in September and October! That makes 48 Leadership Certified MOPS leaders in Africa. Way to go!

Pastor Blaise (representing Cameroon)
Harriet Livingstone (Ghana)
Pastor James (representing Ivory Coast)
Ruth Aduvagah (Kenya)
Janet Kimitios (Kenya) 
Janet Wafula (Kenya) 
Janet Ngeywo (Kenya) 
Eunice Mwende (Kenya) 
Jackline Wanyoyi (Kenya) 
Dorren Mandu (Kenya) 
Josphine Moraa (Kenya) 
Shallom Dorcas (Kenya) 
Mercy Chemtai (Kenya) 
Lena Too (Kenya) 
Lilian Situma (Kenya)
Carolyn Omeri (Kenya)
Sylvia Kiberenge (Kenya)
Violet Cherop (Kenya)
Pamela Mirikau (Kenya)
Eunice Alawnya (Kenya)
Rebecca Ochola (Kenya)
Cherry Tay (Kenya)
Pastor Sammy (Kenya)
Mary Khisa (Kenya)
Grace Ayienda (Kenya)
Pastor Richard (Kenya)
Jacklyn Motondi (Kenya)
Sky (Malawi)
Gertrude (Malawi)
Miriam Nanyonjo (Uganda)
Sylvia Nazziwa (Uganda)