Friday, February 28, 2020

February Updates

Earlier this month I had a visit to MOPS Headquarters in Denver. Once a year the 12 Global leaders (myself representing MOPS Africa), as well as the top 30 US leaders, meet together with MOPS staff for a leadership summit. We are trained and equipped to carry-on into the next MOPS year strong.

We were taught about the importance of Excellence in our service within this MOPS organization. MOPS has a unique opportunity to reach moms all over our communities and the world, and if we do that with excellence, women see our love and grow closer to Jesus as a result. Not only that, but each mom in MOPS represents a family, and what a ripple effect our leaders and MOPS groups can have on her! When our leaders pour encouragement, prayers, and truth into moms, it may be felt for generations to come. But that will only happen with excellence.

Sherri Crandall spoke beautifully about how we can be in danger of loosing momentum if we are not all doing our part in the process. MOPS leadership in Denver pours into me, so that I can pour into our MOPS Africa coaches and leaders. Our Africa leaders in-turn pour into their MOPS groups and moms, so that they can then pour into the community and make changes in the world. In order for us to thrive as leaders in MOPS we must always pursue excellence - by pursuing God, pursuing others, and pursuing growth.

Melodi Leih taught us about the potential of MOPS and about our plan to stay on course of reaching moms: We must remain focused and eliminate distractions, because obstacles in our life will throw us off our race. We must carve out time to serve, because the life-changing relationships in MOPS do not happen without prioritizing this ministry in our lives.

I love the African leaders I get to serve with each day and the global leaders I get to collaborate with regularly, too. I'm grateful for the commitment every one of these women have made to making better moms and a better world!

MOPS Global Team in Denver

Preparing the next global curriculum!

I want to introduce our two newest MOPS Africa coaches we added to the team this month:

Saphira Mukuma from Zambia -

and Ernadize Fourie from South Africa -

Welcome to the MOPS Volunteer Team, ladies!! We are very grateful for the time and commitment these women dedicate to helping moms grow!

Our coaches have the responsibilities of:
1. Maintaining a strong relationship with the groups in her area, reaching out at least once a month, and aiming to visit in person once a year.
2. Training new leaders and ensuring the leaders in her area understand and complete leadership training and use the curriculum sent out by MOPS.
3. Investing in herself through MOPS training and through a true relationship with Jesus.
4. Starting new MOPS groups in her area.
5. Reporting back to me once a month on how her MOPS area is doing!

If our African leaders have questions or concerns about MOPS, a coach is your best place to start! We have eight MOPS Africa coaches now:
Sylvia (South/West Kenya), Pamela (North-Rift Kenya), Stephanie (Rwanda), Penlope (West Uganda), Sylvia (East Uganda), Saphira (Zambia), Chilufya (Zambia), Ernadize (South Africa).

We also have Favour serving as MOPS Country Coordinator over Zambia and Sonja serving as MOPS Country Coordinator over South Africa.

I also wanted to recognize our MOPS mentor Chioma, who was highlighted in this online article from Swim (Supporting Women in Ministry) International:

To highlight a few of our beautiful MOPS groups this month:

Ivory Coast
MOPS group in Yamoussoukro, led by Viviane

MOPS group in Lusaka, led by Elevine

MOPS group in Jina, led by Jackline


MOPS Rwanda prayer meeting in Kigali, lead by Stephanie

South Africa

Sonja, Ernadize, and Roana sharing at a local function all about MOPS!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

January Updates

We have so many groups on fire in MOPS Africa. I want to highlight just a few of the great efforts this month:

Firstly, I want to introduce our newest MOPS coach - Chilufya Siamwiza of Zambia. She has been a strong leader of MOPS Zambia for several years, and we are so happy to have her on the official MOPS Volunteer Team!

We also welcome a new MOPS group in a new MOPS country - Senegal! This is a nation that is only 4% Christian. Please pray for these beautiful mommas starting out their group. May they grow closer to Jesus through meeting together and sharing together.

Pastor Sammy Kimitios, our MOPS Kenya Ambassador visited a local group in his region this month who, because of some language barriers and technology, I don't get to hear from often. It was good to see how our Mois Bridge, Kenya group was doing and receive a good report.

Penlope, our Western Uganda MOPS coach, visited a church who was interested in learning more about MOPS. They loved what they heard, and so we welcome our newest MOPS group in Uganda!

And in Eastern Uganda, I received a beautiful picture from our newest Teen MOPS group, run by Immaculate. Here the girls are, getting ready to practice their sewing skills:

In Ghana, Harriet and I have been working hard on an upcoming May conference in Accra. Ghana is home to more than 10 MOPS groups, and we are looking forward to celebrating with a great conference in May.

And finally, I'll be traveling to MOPS Headquarter in Denver tomorrow with the rest of the global team and other lead volunteers for training and meetings. I am asking for prayer that the time in Denver will be productive, inspiring, and a time to refocus on our Lord! None of these efforts in MOPS matter unless He is the one glorified.