Saturday, March 28, 2020

March Updates

In as much as the COVID-19 virus has impacted everyone around the globe, it has not left behind our African sisters. The news ranges between countries or towns, of course. Many of the African countries have taken a very strong stance and instituted strict protocol on their regions to keep the virus out or the number infected low. That is hopeful. But these lockdown restrictions have caused other very stressful issues, as well. There are no easy answers here. But we have a faithful God and know that no matter the trial, He is our source of protection and comfort!

My trip in May has been postponed, of course. As global travel opens, I will be reorganizing a trip. But for now, there's no indication how quickly that may be. It has left many MOPS Africa leaders and myself disappointed.

But now onto some fun news; because MOPS Africa is an amazing group of world-changing moms, and that is always worth celebrating.

Our Lekki, Nigeria MOPS groups held their first meeting this month. What a gorgeous group of moms we welcome into our MOPS sisterhood.

Meble, who works with moms of special needs children in Kampala, Uganda, took a special trip to visit her moms individually when they were not able to come meet together this month. She blessed them with food and love.

Our Ghana leadership team has been preparing to hold their country-wide conference mid-May if restrictions are lifted in the next few weeks. And if not, they'll postpone for a better time. They have over 400 moms interested in coming!

On International Women's Day earlier in March, one of our Rwanda MOPS groups blessed a mom who had recently been left by her husband. They sang with her, shared some of their food, and let her tell her story. What a blessing they were!

And here is an incredibly sweet gesture by one of our MOPS South Africa leaders' husbands.... who contributes to their monthly MOPS meetings by regularly taking charge of the childcare for the meeting. This month he set up this cookie dough activity to keep the little ones engaged while the moms met to talk about balancing work and motherhood. Thank you to all the dads who contribute to making these MOPS meetings a success in different ways!

Many of our MOPS groups, in Africa and around the globe, will not be meeting in person this coming month and possibly for many weeks to come. I have loved hearing from our African leaders about ways they will be staying in touch with their communities during this time. We have some planning on holding video calls, some who are starting up WhatsApp MOPS meetings. And other leaders who are intentionally checking in on each of their moms to pray and encourage her. MOPS is changing the world, one family at a time. And I am grateful to see this continuing, whether groups can meet in person or not.

Stay courageous, STRONG LEADERS, for you were born for such a time as this!

As always, I like to share a few extra photos of our MOPS groups in action this month:


Kiberia, Kenya MOPS, listening to a guest speaker - Pastor Ben

Selfies at a Moshi MOPS meeting!

Gertrude working with some moms in her community at their MOPS meeting


MOPS Leader Peace and their group in Soreti, Uganda had their first To The Full meeting this month learning about living with fun and joy!