Tuesday, May 5, 2020

April Updates

This past month has been challenging for every MOPS group around the globe. Things have looked different in our motherhood connections during April. But there's always something to celebrate, so let's get to it:

First, we are going through group renewals and updating the counts for MOPS groups throughout Africa this week. I'm thrilled to say, MOPS Africa is now officially reaching 3,500 moms across 150 groups.  Last count I had was 2,500 - so, that is amazing! This ever expanding ministry on the continent is creating amazing waves of hope and community. Better moms make a better world, and our African leaders are on fire for reaching moms. We are praying this whole continent is lit up one day, reaching moms all over for Jesus!

Speaking of new MOPS members, our MOPS Madagascar group had their first MOPS meeting this month. It was online due to restrictions, but it was a successful first meeting, nonetheless. Welcome to the sisterhood, MOPS Madagascar!

Though our leaders can't be together over the next few months for what was going to be some amazing fellowship and training at various conferences across Africa (Ghana, South Africa, and Ghana to name a few), we had several leaders step up to show some love to us all. What a beautiful group of mommas! ... Hey Momma, You Are Doing Great! Have Courage, Stay Strong! With Love, MOPS Africa

One of the biggest difficulties right now across the continent are food shortages, due to lack of work before of the lockdowns. Many of our leaders have stepped up and are working hard to support their moms in the best way they can right now. They are helping to buy food and lending encouragement in-person where they can. Thank you to our leadership for being servant leaders during this time - for reaching out to your moms with much needed encouragement and support!


In not-so-great news, we have two MOPS members in Kenya that have tested positive for the COVID virus. Please keep them and their families and community in your prayers!

And finally, for a few more sweet photos I received this month....

Senegal: A peek into their MOPS meeting before gatherings in their country were shut down.

Cameroon: Leaders showing off their new promotional sign, outlining how MOPS can better their community: