Friday, July 3, 2020

June Updates

June flew by! And God is good all the time. It was a relatively quiet month. On a personal note, I was busy moving, and it took a lot out of my free time. But our African groups did what they could despite many of the difficulties of still being on full or partial lockdown. There are many groups really having a difficult time still. Survival is all that many can manage, being without work, school, and food.

Here are a few things to celebrate:

First, let us welcome our newest MOPS Africa Coach -  Harriet Livingstone from Ghana. She is a mom of two beautiful children, and she is doing a fantastic job overseeing the 15 MOPS groups in her country.

Pastor Harriet Livingstone

This month, several of our leaders have taken the next step, and formed a mentor group, comprised of women who want to focus on the important step of mentorship of younger moms in their MOPS groups. This group has mentors all around Africa, and I look forward to seeing all the good comes from this.

About a week ago, the Global Team hosted a Global Leadership Summit called Stronger Together, welcoming over 100 MOPS leaders from all across the world. Many of our Africa groups were excited to be a part of this. If you want a peek into what this was all about, you can see the replay here:

Celebrating all of our Global MOPS Volunteer Team during the summit
A fantastic opportunity for training and encouragement

One of our Teen MOPS groups in Uganda was able to purchase sewing machines a few months ago, and they have been working hard learning a new skill this month!

Moms learning to sew face masks

We've had a few babies born this month. Congratulations to MOPS coordinators Joy in Nigeria and Faith Rose in Kenya!! Many blessings to your families and special prayers of anointing on your precious babies.

Joy with her new baby boy

And please keep a few of our mommas in your prayers: One mother in Uganda lost her special-needs son this month. Praying for peace for this family. And another mother in Kenya is grieving the rape of her young daughter. We are never without tragedy in this life. Lifting up these moms and our MOPS moms all over the world during this very difficult time going through extra difficult circumstances.

One sweet MOPS family, the day before their son passed on.

To end on a positive note, here's one of our Zambia groups, lead by Elevine, meeting for the first time since lockdown:

Praying during their MOPS meeting


  1. I thank GOD for HIS mighty move in MOPS AFRICA, we are marching on, ain't no stopping us now, we are on the move!,lol. GOD bless and keep you sister Destiny for your dedication and care.

  2. Everything thing can be locked down but the Spirit of God can never be. Forward ever

  3. May the LORD continue blessing MOPS Africa for enabling us all share His goodness.
    God bless you Madam Destiny.