Friday, October 2, 2020

September Updates

Writing these monthly posts always brings such a smile to my face. I love celebrating what our African leaders are doing.

First, I want to celebrate the team that God has so faithfully put together these last few years. Our African groups are under such good care, and it is a special thanks to this MOPS Volunteer Team that dedicates their time and resources to continue the success of this ministry. Thousands of lives (over 4,000 families to be exact) are changing because of these women as well as the leaders of all of the 160 African MOPS groups. 

In other big news, our newest Global Curriculum has finally been released! It's a beautiful collection of 12 devotionals for our groups to use in their meetings, with creative ideas to bring joy and practical application into their mothering experience while helping them take their next step towards Jesus.

We'll be working to get this translated into eight (!!) African languages over the next few months for release in early 2021.

As many lockdowns continue to ease, the African groups are trying to meet together again. Here are some great photos and stories of this past month:

We have 11 new MOPS groups in the Kasese area that started this month! Here is Kathwekabuya MOPS

Ghana monthly leadership meeting

Leah and Sylvia visit Gatundu MOPS in Kenya

First face-to-face meeting in Guinea Bissau, as the group started during the lockdowns

A Kigali, Rwanda group sharing their recently made beaded bags

Bugalo Uganda Teen MOPS working hard in their sewing class that they do in conjunction with their MOPS meetings

Our new MOPS leader, Ruth, working with a church in Danane, Ivory Coast to start a MOPS group

Kiyabobo MOPS in Western Uganda

Waiyaki, Kenya MOPS meeting

Special Needs Uganda MOPS meeting

Githunguchu, Kenya MOPS meeting

Dominion MOPS in Lusaka, Zambia

Waiyaki MOPS moms in prayer

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  1. All Glory and honour to God Almighty.
    Thank you MOPS!!Blessings.