Sunday, November 21, 2021

October + November updates

Wishing all of our U.S. readers a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! There is so much to be grateful for in MOPS Africa. Let's celebrate all that God has done.

 And on that day you will say, "Give thanks to the LORD, call on His name. Make known His deeds among the peoples; make them remember that His name is exalted." Praise the LORD in song, for He has done glorious things; let this be known throughout the earth. Isaiah 12:4-5

These last few weeks we have welcomed some wonderful new additions to our MOPS Africa Volunteer Team. The following leaders, all from Ghana, are our newest MOPS Africa Cohort Leaders:

Gifty Dorcas

Gladys Asante
Janet Owusu
Joyce Wiafe

Juliana Abayie

Philomena Baah

Thank you for your willingness to set into a leadership position to better the lives of women all over Ghana!

Additionally, we welcomed the following two pastors as MOPS Africa Ambassadors. These men of God help connect churches, organizations, pastors, leaders, and moms to the MOPS ministry and grow the awareness of MOPS in their communities. We are grateful for your service in this ministry. 

Pastor James Wheager, Ivory Coast

Apostle George Wiafe, Ghana

In very sad news, a dear sister and coordinator of the Yamoussoukro MOPS group in Ivory Coast - Viviane- passed away this month due to illness. Please keep Viviane's husband, children, and MOPS community in your prayers. We are so grateful for the gift that Viviane has left the mothers in Yamoussoukro. May God use her willingness to serve during this life to leave a legacy for generations to come.

This month MOPS Africa participated in another 24-hours of prayer event. We had 54 MOPS leaders and friends from around the world join us in prayer to God for this ministry! 

MOPS South Africa had several leadership events this month as Sonja traveled to Johannesburg to visit with two MOPS South Africa coordinators in Free State- Tanya and Santie - meeting them in person for the first time. It was a wonderful opportunity to go through training and exchange encouragement and ideas for meetings. Sonja also hosted an event locally for some Cape Town coordinators.    

Sonja with Tanya and Santie in Free State, South Africa

The leaders shared with Sonja about visiting an animal shelter with the MOPS kids after their meeting on gratitude
Leaders meeting in Cape Town.

Additionally, this month MOPS Rwanda's Country Coordinator, Stephanie, had the opportunity to visit with all of the coordinators around the country for training and in person encouragement:

And now for our peek around MOPS Africa this month:

Leadership training in Ivory Coast
Women of Faith, MOPS Zambia

Riverside MOPS, Kenya celebrating a new baby!
Freetown Sierra Leone first MOPS meeting
Holy Chapel MOPS, Zambia meeting about goals and financial planning
Ghana Leadership meeting
One of our new MOPS groups in Benin
Tumaini MOPS, Kenya
Leaders training Duekoue MOPS, Ivory Coast
New MOPS groups in Likoni Mombasa, Kenya
Pure Word MOPS, Nigeria
MOPS Achievers Chapel Mombasa, Kenya
Harvesttime MOPS, Ghana
Peace MOPS, Tanzania
Blissful Innovation MOPS, Zambia
Mombasa Bamburi MOPS, Kenya
Mzuzu MOPS in Malawi
Furaha MOPS, Tanzania
Freetown MOPS, Sierra Leone
Holy Chapel MOPS, Zambia
MOPS Liberia
Leader training MOPS Madagascar
MOPS Nigeria Leadership
MOPS Ghana Leadership meeting



Saturday, October 2, 2021

September Updates

This month I had the privilege of representing MOPS Africa at MOMCon USA in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a very small global team this year, due to so many restrictions with Covid and Visas. But we served hard and prayed hard and planned hard at the conference. And God is good all the time. Some of our global sisters were even able to watch parts of the conference that were live-streamed, and that was such a blessing to many around the world! We heard from one African leader that she was so discouraged over the last year, not knowing if she should fight anymore for the ministry in her community. But the encouragement she received from watching speakers at MOMCon was enough to give her the push to keep going this year with the work she is doing with MOPS.

Global team representing at MOMCon

Also this month we welcomed two new MOPS countries into Africa - Liberia and Sierra Leone!! These first meetings, as well as several others from other new groups around the continent, will be kicking off in October. MOPS Africa is so excited for what is coming! Welcome to all of our new MOPS groups this month.

Many of the coordinators around Africa helped me put together this collage. MOPS Africa is a beautiful community of bold world changers. These leaders, alongside many others, are doing big things in the name of Jesus! 

And the best part of the monthly posts is getting to see photos of all of the groups around the continent this month:

Lekki MOPS group in Nigeria

Subii Teen MOPS Uganda

PWCI MOPS in Ghana

Pure Word MOPS in Nigeria

Bugolo Teen MOPS Uganda

MOPS Zambia Leaders meeting up

Preparing a baby shower

Leaders training in MOPS Rwanda

Peace MOPS in Tanzania

Leadership meeting in MOPS Ghana

Waiyaki MOPS in Kenya

MOPS Nigeria Leaders meeting

Furaha MOPS in Tanzania

PWCI MOPS in Ghana

Blissful Innovation MOPS in Zambia

MOPS Leadership training in Ivory Coast

Faith MOPS in Tanzania

MOPS Madagascar