Saturday, January 30, 2021

December/January Updates

Last month I took a break from my regular posting, as our year-end impact report gave a good update on everything there was to celebrate for the year.

This month, many Cohort Leaders have been busy getting the new MOPS curriculum out to their area groups. The translations for all seven languages have been complete, and it is time to print the curriculums and purchase materials. Some of our regions are still constrained because of Covid regulations, but those that can are doing a great job getting the word out and training their groups.

Here is a peek into how our Kitale, Kenya area groups are doing with their new curriculum training.

Janet, Area Cohort Leader, ready to hand out materials!

Leaders, going through everything

Happy to have translated curriculum

Practicing, of course!

Please also pray for Janet, the Kitale Cohort Leader. Her family, including our dear Pastor Sammy, was in a motorcycle accident this past week and they are still recovering from some significant injuries.

Another prayer request is for one of our leaders, Jackline, in the Kampala, Uganda area. She has been in the ICU for almost several weeks and is in great pain. Please lift her up for healing today!

I want to highlight MOPS Ghana this month. These groups are always so enthusiastic to spread this ministry across their country. They registered their first MOPS group in 2019, and in 2020 added 17 groups and over 600 moms to the ministry. The team is lead by Harriet Livingstone (country coordinator) and Fosua Asare (Cohort Leader) and these moms are on fire for Jesus! Prayers go out for their plans for a country-wide conference in May.

Training up a brand new group!

Rev Dorcas leads a disabled moms group in Amasaman, Ghana

A MOPS Christmas party for the MOPS kids in Kasoa, Ghana

Ghana leadership meeting to plan for the new year

And last but not least, here are many of our groups over these last two months:

MOPS Madagascar, led by Felana

Riverside and Waiyaki MOPS in Kenya, celebrating God's goodness!

Moshi MOPS in Tanzania, led by Rosemary

Our newest MOPS group near Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Blessed Mothers MOPS, in Nairobi, Kenya led by Carol

Waiyaki MOPS near Nairobi, Kenya, led by Leah

A MOPS Rwanda meeting, in between government shutdowns

One of our MOPS Zambia groups, led by Maureen

Divine Hands MOPS, in Tanzania, led by Imani

Nairobi Believers Missions MOPS, Kenya, led by Gail

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