Monday, March 1, 2021

February updates

This month I want to focus on all the amazing energy around this year's new global curriculum, being distributed across the African continent. We have never had this much collective enthusiasm and success with our groups. It is the first time that we have curriculum translated into so many languages, with groups all over the continent receiving training, materials, and support they need from their area cohort leaders.

I have such gratitude for all of the work that each country and regional leader has dedicated to their regions to ensure that all MOPS moms have access to a loving group where they will learn practical mothering skills along with receiving encouragement and spiritual support. Thank you for the sacrifices these leaders have made to travel, buy materials, and train their region. I am also grateful to those, both inside and outside of MOPS, who helped with curriculum translations, formatting, and editing. And I'm so appreciative for everyone who has financially supported MOPS Africa to make efforts like this possible -  the sisterhood partnerships and the individuals who so generously give in order that we can implement these projects so well.

We are still working on getting all 200 MOPS Africa groups trained, as covid has slowed down travel in some areas, and other areas are remote and difficult to reach. But we are well on our way to completing this endeavor of getting all groups access to curriculum and materials. 

Here are some of the many beautiful pictures from our groups this month:

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. 

- Hebrews 10:23