Sunday, July 25, 2021

June/July Updates

There is much to celebrate in the beginning half of the summer! 

1. I want to start by highlighting the work being done in our French speaking areas of Africa. Pastor James from Ivory Coast has been doing a lot of MOPS group planting around West Africa these last several weeks, visiting Mali, Ivory Coast, and Senegal on behalf of the ministry. Under the leadership of Mandy, our Canadian & French Global Ministry Developer, over 50 women and several churches were given the opportunity to learn about MOPS, and several new groups have already been started from these efforts.

Women in Ivory Coast holding their newly translated MOPS Handbooks in French after a visit from Pastor James

Mandy, myself, and a group of future leaders in Mali on a Zoom MOPS training
MOPS Senegal training

2. During the month of June, our MOPS Africa leader group studied the book of Joshua together, to learn about Godly leadership. We read through several chapters of Joshua and accompanying devotionals, to apply God's word about time management, leaving a legacy, and handling failures to our roles as MOPS leaders. What a sweet time together in His word every week.

During our last zoom study together discussing the importance of leaving a Godly legacy

3. Coming up in just a few weeks, MOPS Ghana is hosting its long awaited MOMCon!! Myself and Chioma Obasi (from Nigeria) are planning to attend. After having to cancel the conference in May 2020 due to Covid, I desperately desire to attend this year's conference. Please be praying for God to go before me in my travels to West Africa for this opportunity. Please also keep the health of all of those attending in your prayers! 

4. And finally, please keep our African MOPS groups in the countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, and South Africa in your prayers, as they are recently back in varying stages of lockdowns. For those that were able to meet, here are some of our lovely groups over the last two months:

MOPS Madagascar, meeting after a long break due to Covid restrictions

Pure Word MOPS, Nigeria

Beautiful art projects by Holy Chapel MOPS, Zambia

Kenya Country Leadership meeting

MOPS Ghana leadership meeting

Blissful Garden Park MOPS, Zambia

MOPS Nigeria empowerment program conference

Kibera MOPS, Kenya

MOPS Faith, Tanzania

Lamptey Mills MOPS, Ghana

Cohort Leader visit Nairobi Believers Mission, Kenya

Blessed MOPS, Kenya

Dominion MOPS, Zambia

Bugulo MOPS, Uganda

Makutano MOPS, Kenya

Mois Bridge MOPS, Kenya


  1. Praise GOD for the great and marvelous things HE is doing in MOPS Africa. Thank you sis Destiny for your love and dedication.

  2. This is super awesome. Thank you so much for sharing! I am praying for these fellow mamas right now!

  3. Many thanks to God and our humble leaders worldwide. More Grace

  4. Thank God for all leaders, allowing God to use you to reach out to other women. Thanks Destiny for your leadership