Saturday, October 2, 2021

September Updates

This month I had the privilege of representing MOPS Africa at MOMCon USA in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a very small global team this year, due to so many restrictions with Covid and Visas. But we served hard and prayed hard and planned hard at the conference. And God is good all the time. Some of our global sisters were even able to watch parts of the conference that were live-streamed, and that was such a blessing to many around the world! We heard from one African leader that she was so discouraged over the last year, not knowing if she should fight anymore for the ministry in her community. But the encouragement she received from watching speakers at MOMCon was enough to give her the push to keep going this year with the work she is doing with MOPS.

Global team representing at MOMCon

Also this month we welcomed two new MOPS countries into Africa - Liberia and Sierra Leone!! These first meetings, as well as several others from other new groups around the continent, will be kicking off in October. MOPS Africa is so excited for what is coming! Welcome to all of our new MOPS groups this month.

Many of the coordinators around Africa helped me put together this collage. MOPS Africa is a beautiful community of bold world changers. These leaders, alongside many others, are doing big things in the name of Jesus! 

And the best part of the monthly posts is getting to see photos of all of the groups around the continent this month:

Lekki MOPS group in Nigeria

Subii Teen MOPS Uganda

PWCI MOPS in Ghana

Pure Word MOPS in Nigeria

Bugolo Teen MOPS Uganda

MOPS Zambia Leaders meeting up

Preparing a baby shower

Leaders training in MOPS Rwanda

Peace MOPS in Tanzania

Leadership meeting in MOPS Ghana

Waiyaki MOPS in Kenya

MOPS Nigeria Leaders meeting

Furaha MOPS in Tanzania

PWCI MOPS in Ghana

Blissful Innovation MOPS in Zambia

MOPS Leadership training in Ivory Coast

Faith MOPS in Tanzania

MOPS Madagascar 


  1. Great to see Mops Madagascar finally able to meet. Good job Mops Africa,keep up the good work. GOD bless you Sis Destiny for the update.

  2. God is really doing wonders in the lives of many moms through MOPS Africa!
    Great thanks.

  3. Bamburi Mombasa is still behind but coming