Friday, April 1, 2022

March updates

Here we get to celebrate the beautiful things happening across the African continent with MOPS. Let God be the glory!

This month, many leaders helped put together this incredible video introduction to MOPS to share with interested churches and pastors. It helps give a clear description and visual of our ministry lived out in Africa: 

Additionally, we are working together as a continent to create a simple MOPS children's curriculum that will help our MOPS Africa leaders have culture resources for kids to use to go along with their group meetings. Our leaders are creating their own coloring pages (through a series of contests) to go to along with simple bible verses and games. 

MOPS Ambassador for our French speaking countries, Pastor James from Ivory Coast, spent 10 days this month on the road visiting and training the MOPS groups in Mali and Senegal. Thank you for your dedication to this ministry, Pastor. It's wonderful that these groups are getting the encouragement to continue persevering in difficult places. 

MOPS Nigeria's MOPS Mentor Mom project was a great success this month. I had the opportunity to share with the group of wonderful women, and several mentor relationships have already come out of that event.

We are also in prayer to start MOPS in two new African countries- Burundi and The Gambia. Both opportunities have come about because of MOPS leaders in the U.S. reaching out asking how to present MOPS to their overseas friends or family. MOPS has so many global resources available to help start groups all around the world!

Here's a look into our groups this month:

Duekoue MOPS, Ivory Coast

Mentor MOPS Project, Nigeria
Mombasa MOPS, Kenya

Waiyaki MOPS, Kenya

Cameroon MOPS, doing a project at a local school

Miriam, MOPS Uganda Leader, visiting our Kitale MOPS region

Pure Word MOPS, Nigeria

MOPS Ghana

Reopening Chilimoyo MOPS, Zambia


MOPS Kasese goat project, Uganda

Dominion MOPS, Zambia

MOPS Ghana

MOPS Namibia

MOPS Zambia Leader meeting

Dominion MOPS, Zambia


  1. Mighty Move of GOD in MOPS Africa!! Glory be to GOD!. Thank you Sis Destiny for the concise and detailed report!. More grace...

  2. Thanks God for this platform. A place where a mom's are free to expressed themselves without being judged. Praise the Lord

  3. Destiny indeed the spirit of God is moving in Africa and world wide as God continues to use you in Africa to bring moms in our communities and churches to Jesus Christ

  4. Glory be to God for this great work He's doing in MOPS Africa.

  5. Glory to God for this wonderful work for God kingdom.

  6. Father we thank you for the work you're doing in our midst. Great African Mops leaders, may God continue to strengthen us in the good work. More Grace leaders.