Friday, May 27, 2022

April and May Updates

It's been about eight weeks since the MOPS Africa last update, so there is plenty to share today!

     We are welcoming four new members to our MOPS Volunteer Team in Africa. These women have worked very hard, along with dozens of other new volunteers from around the globe, through all of their training to officially graduate this week ! Congratulations, and thank you for your willingness to serve your communities and this MOPS ministry. You are making an eternal difference in the lives of the moms in your regions. 

Sarah Kala: MOPS Kenya Cohort Leader

Hope Ovie-Thompson: MOPS Nigeria Cohort Leader

Santie Nortje: MOPS South Africa Country Coordinator

Hellen Machayi: MOPS Zambia Cohort Leader

     MOPS Zambia has begun hosting quarterly all-country seminars in Lusaka, inviting all of the MOPS groups to attend. In April, a guest speaker taught about budgeting, finance, and tithing. Congratulations on a wonderful turn out and great success. 

     MOPS Uganda had an important leadership meeting at the beginning of May, called Re-Ignite. All of the East Uganda group leaders and a representative from the western part of the country met together, many for the very first time. It was a joyous and fruitful time with good encouragement and a plan forward for the country! We can't wait to see what God is going to do through you amazing women.

     We have also just released a kid's resource for our MOPS Africa groups, put together through a collaborative effort from leaders across many of our regions. This resource of simple devotionals, activities, and coloring pages will be great to help our leaders work with the little ones who come to the meetings with their momma's. And, I learned that we have some incredible artists in our MOPS groups!

Coloring page for the parable of the sower

     Additionally, this coming Saturday 4 June is the next MOPS Africa day of prayer. We covet your prayers if you are willing to join us this day for any amount of time, lifting up our ministry and leaders to God. Let me know if you would like a specific 30-minute time slot as an official prayer warrior for our group. 

     We have just finished group renewals for the year (which takes place in May at MOPS International). We confirm each group's commitment to remain another with the ministry, and we ensure we have all new groups correctly registered. MOPS Africa has grown by more than 60 new groups since December - which just an incredible showing of how God is working to reach moms all over the continent through these determined and excited leaders. The continent of Africa now has almost 8,000 women regularly meeting in a MOPS group. 

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy" Psalm 126:3

     On May 5, I departed for East Africa (with a fellow US MOPS leader and friend, Chelsie Geary) for a busy and exciting week of meeting with many current and soon-to-be MOPS leaders, moms, and pastors. MOPS Africa is thriving, and it was a joy to meet with the leaders and moms to hear their testimonies. Women talked countlessly about how MOPS has changed their lives, taught them how to love their children, and saved their marriages. They shared how they have found friends, community, strength, and love through MOPS. They get so much out of the global curriculum and are anxiously awaiting the next. Leaders have been raised up from women who once believed they were worth nothing.  This ministry is truly changing communities, and is multiplying every month. 

God was truly at work this trip. It was an honor to see Him provide and watch how He weaved so many things together perfectly.  

After our first day of presenting MOPS to over 700 women - triple the number we were expecting - in northern Tanzania, we also: Reestablished a severed relationship with a MOPS group in Moshi, Tanzania; visited with four MOPS groups in Nairobi, Kenya; held an important Kenya Leadership meeting; encouraged another five MOPS Rwanda groups in Kigali; and concluded our trip with a training for all of our MOPS Rwanda coordinators. We interacted with 190 current MOPS moms, leaders, and pastors.

The biggest stress was traveling between all of the countries, as Covid regulations and testing still have the potential to cause a lot of interruption, but I look forward to visiting many more countries as soon as is possible!

     And finally, we have several MOPS leaders with significant prayer requests right now:

  • Carol, MOPS Kenya group coordinator, is in the ICU dealing with serious medical issues. Her kids are at home and her hospital bill is mounting. She is lonely and scared. It's a really hard situation. 
  • Harriet, MOPS Ghana Country Coordinator, had her house burn down this past week while she was leading a MOPS leadership event. Her kids were safely out of the house, but everything else is lost. 
  • Valerie, MOPS Zambia group coordinator, is simultaneously dealing with the burial of both her husband and father.

These women are in need of our prayers. Please lift them and their families up to the Lord. We trust God for His supreme protection, strength, and peace during this time. 

Here is a peek into our groups over the last two months:

MOPS Cameroon working on a project with a local school

Kitale MOPS in Kenya donated this fabric to their church

Furaha MOPS in Tanzania

Riverside MOPS Nairobi Kenya

MOPS Ghana with their newly translated curriculum in Twi

MOPS Kenya group reviewing their Find Your Fire curriculum book

Goaso MOPS in Ghana
Dominion MOPS in Zambia
AIC Kanaani MOPS in Kenya
Women of vision MOPS in Kenya

Mombasa MOPS in Kenya - look at those matching outfits!

MOPS Ghana all-night prayer

MOPS Kasese goat project in Uganda

Ivory Coast MOPS meeting seminar for widows
Mountain of Hope MOPS in Kenya

Pure Word MOPS in Nigeria

Kangema MOPS launch in Kenya

Women of vision MOPS in Kenya

Duekoue Ivory Coast MOPS