Tuesday, August 9, 2022

July updates

This month I'm excited to highlight the following endeavors:

Zambia ran their quarterly MOPS conference teaching all about marriage. Each of the group coordinators had a speaking role during the day, and it was a great success!

Pastor James, our MOPS ambassador for French speaking Africa, visited Togo, Burkina Faso, and Benin in order to continue to spread the MOPS ministry. We are very excited that Togo has since become our newest MOPS International country as a result of this trip! 

MOPS Kenya country coordinator, Sylvia Nyameche, and local coordinator Faith Rose held a conference earlier this year to introduce MOPS to several churches in the Kisumu area of the country. Thirty new groups were started because of this effort. Faith went this month to check on each of these coordinators, and she was happy to report that everyone is thriving and excited about jumping into the second curriculum book already!

We also had a big push this past month (culminating on August 2) with International Invite Day, where we asked our coordinators to reach out to new moms in their community to invite them to MOPS. Many leaders in Africa stepped up and introduced women to their groups! One group in MOPS Rwanda, led by Claire, held a party when five new moms joined their group. Even husbands were invited to the party because they have been asking what MOPS is all about, and perhaps they will start a similar group with dads in the community.

A glimpse of the women that were invited to a new MOPS group this month

And finally, I want to honor the life of Caroline Sigei . She was one of our longest standing MOPS Africa leaders and the first coordinator I connected with in Kenya. She suffered a great deal of health problems over the last years since her youngest was born, and on July 23 she passed away. Carol had the most beautiful soul (and smile) you could imagine, and she persevered through a lot in her life to ultimately make an eternal difference in the lives of many mothers in Kenya. Now she rests in the sweet arms of Jesus. 🙏

Other group gatherings this month:

Faith group, Sakila Tanzania - enjoying a treat together

Danane MOPS moms in Ivory Coast working on harvesting cassava fields together

Ladies in Evangelism, MOPS Zambia

Promised Word MOPS in Bawjiase Ghana

Divine Daughter's MOPS in Nigeria