Saturday, March 4, 2023

February Updates

This month held many MOPS meetings after the winter break when moms regular travel back home during the holiday season. It was wonderful to see so many moms meeting together again all over the continent! 

Every month, we have an online cohort meeting, inviting all leaders from across MOPS Africa to learn about different leadership or MOPS topics together. This month, we discussed our personalities. After taking a free online personality assessment, which gave us insights into our strengths and weaknesses, we talked about how God created each of us differently to work alongside and complement each other for His glory. We enjoyed hearing from those similar to us and those opposite of us and realizing that though we may have many personality variations across the group, we are still accomplishing great things in reaching moms in our various communities. We talked about how teamwork can be challenging with many different perspectives and personalities working together. But, when we come to the table remembering that we are sitting with other women who are made in the image of God, even when things get a little 'messy', we need to value each women as she was created. It was a great topic this month.

Here are many of the beautiful images that I received over the last few weeks. Enjoy:

Machakos Kanaani MOPS meeting, Kenya
MOPS Waiyaki, Kenya
Royal MOPS, Ghana
Goaso MOPS, Ghana
Grace MOPS, Ghana
MOPS Senegal
Furaha MOPS, Tanzania

North Rift Valley MOPS. Cohort leader Janet meeting with two current and two new groups 
Soroti MOPS, Uganda
Ivumbuni MOPS, Kenya

Soroti MOPS, Uganda
Makutano MOPS, Kenya
Yamoussoukro MOPS, Ivory Coast
Prospective new MOPS leaders in Zuenoula, Ivory Coast
Pastor Lameck sharing MOPS with a new group of moms in Kisii, Kenya
New MOPS leaders, Liberia
Bugolo MOPS, Uganda
MOPS Zambia
MOPS Ghana leadership meeting
Presenting MOPS in Koulabougou, Mali
Imani with Pastor Denis in Tanzania in prayers to reignite MOPS
MOPS Benin
Grace of Harvest MOPS Ghana
Faith MOPS, Tanzania
Ouagadougou MOPS, Burkina Faso
All Abidjan, Ivory Coast MOPS groups meeting together
All Abidjan, Ivory Coast MOPS groups meeting together
Divine Daughters MOPS, Nigeria
Sango MOPS, Tanzania

Three moms getting new bibles in their local language of Bambara, Mali
Bamako MOPS, Mali
Kateve MOPS, with Cohort Leader Sarah
MOPS Jinja, Uganda
Goasa Harvesttime MOPS, Ghana
Pure Word MOPS, Nigeria
Monrovia MOPS, Liberia

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  1. More grace Sis🥰. Your labor of love will never be in vain. Thank you for impacting lives.