Wednesday, June 28, 2023

June Updates

God is doing incredible work across the continent of Africa. It is truly an honor to get to share these last several weeks of updates with you!

Last month we welcomed six new cohort leaders onto our MOPS Volunteer Team. Our cohort leaders oversee regional areas of their countries as they coach, train, and connect the local groups to MOPS International USA. We are so appreciative of our entire MOPS Africa Volunteer team for the countless hours of service they give to ensuring our community is thriving and growing to reach moms for Jesus! And we officially welcome the following women to the team:

Elizabeth Thera in Mali - 

Bab Moise in Côte d'Ivoire -

Seu Siale in Côte d'Ivoire - 

Stephanie Lavagnon in Benin - 

Claire Mporanyisenga in Rwanda-

Faith Rose Onyango in Kenya- 

We started MOPS in three new African countries over the past two weeks: Guinea Bissau and DRC are two of these countries. The third country must remain publicly undisclosed, due to the security concerns of the region. This was primarily accomplished through our MOPS Ambassador in Côte d'Ivoire, Pastor James. MOPS is now in 22 countries around the continent!

Our newest MOPS Africa leader, Marina, coordinating her group in a heavily persecuted country. Please pray for her and her community of mommas!

We also had many new MOPS groups start in Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, and South Africa. We welcome all of these new groups into our sisterhood! 

This month, our Malian MOPS leaders had an important leadership training. All coordinators received  training on the second global curriculum, which was just translated into their local dialect of Bambara. Very few ministry documents are translated into Bambara, though five million Malian people speak it. Many have to use French which, especially for women, can be more difficult than their native tongue. The women were so joyful to receive MOPS materials in a language they could truly understand. 

We received very sad news that Tabitha, our dear sister and MOPS coordinator of Mumbuni MOPS (a group that served the moms of special needs children), passed away on 28 June. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Tabitha in the green alongside Sarah, MOPS Kenya Cohort Leader

Here is a look at the happenings around the continent this month:

Dominon MOPS, Zambia

Kenya Cohort Leader Sarah and MOPS Narok coordinator in a meeting

A new baby to celebrate in MOPS Mali

Guinea Bissau MOPS

Brand new MOPS group in northern Kenya: Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship MOPS

MOPS was introduced to leaders from churches all over the Zuenoula region of Côte d'Ivoire by Cohort Leader Mam Bab. 16 new groups committed following this event!
Upendo MOPS, Kenya. Another brand new group - welcome to our sisterhood!

Malian Cohort Leader, Elizabeth - starting a MOPS group in the rural town of Manatali

MOPS Wajir, Kenya. Looking great ladies!

Dominion Worship Center MOPS, Zambia

Great Open Door MOPS, Mali
Seeds of Hope Kayole MOPS, Kenya

MOPS Madagascar meeting on Mentorship, with special guest Chioma Obasi from Nigeria calling in!

Faith MOPS, Tanzania

Four Square Gospel MOPS, Nigeria

Githunguchu MOPS, Kenya

MOPS seminar in Côte d'Ivoire lead by Cohort Leader Mam Bab

Pure Word, Nigeria
MOPS Cite Sir, Côte d'Ivoire
MOPS Ghana leadership team training two new groups: Bethel Vision MOPS and Dominion Women's MOPS 

Yamoussoukro MOPS, Côte d'Ivoire

Medars MOPS, Côte d'Ivoire

Sakiare MOPS, Côte d'Ivoire

Sassandro MOPS, Côte d'Ivoire