Monday, October 2, 2023

August / September Highlights

Here are some incredible highlights over the last two months:

If you haven't heard, MOPS International is getting a brand new name. Over the next several months, the organization will be in full force rolling out the rebranding efforts. As we celebrate 50 years of ministry, we also celebrate how we have grown from a U.S. based mom community into a global mom community spanning more than 85 countries! 

Our new name is shorthand for The Mom Community. Announcing The MomCo, by MOPS International. Our mission remains the same, but you can see lots more information here:
In early September, I had the privilege of attending my first MOMCON as staff. It was great to reconnect with the global team and represent MOPS Africa well. Mandy Dessureault also attended, to represent our French Africa groups!

At MOMCON, we released Global Curriculum 3! This was a culmination of devotionals from global leaders from around the world - including our very own Chioma Obasi, Country Coordinator of Nigeria. It's a work of beauty, and this month we will be starting the work of its translation to many different languages.  

We also have welcomed several new countries to our region!! The MomCo Africa is now in 35 countries. In the last eight weeks, we have started groups in: Lesotho, Gambia, Botswana, Chad, Sierra Leone, Republic of Central Africa, Gabon, Congo. And the final country must remain publicly undisclosed, due to the security concerns of the region. God is doing great things for moms across the continent.

We held two leadership trainings - one in English and one in French in early September to welcome all of our new leaders who are eager to start their new meetings.

Pastor James is one of the largest driving forces behind this incredible growth. He is boldly reaching out to contacts across Africa to introduce them to the great benefits of our organization in impacting their communities. In the last two months he has made two missions to train and encourage our newer groups in and around West Africa. His first trip was to Liberia and Guinea.

Liberia training

Pastor James with our three coordinators in Conakry, Guinea

And the second trip took him to Burkina Faso, Benin, and Togo. Oftentimes 36 hours or more on a bus between his stops!
Seminar in Togo, resulting in 10 new MomCo groups

Several new churches came to participate in this leader training in Benin

Burkina Faso training

Another big event last month was hosted by our incredible Ghana team. They held their third annual MOPS conference in Accra on August 19, and it was a great success. They had over 160 participants, spanning many of the MOPS Ghana groups.

Pastor Sammy has just returned from a very successful trip to visit our South Sudan group in Juba. The vision of our organization was spread to many new churches, and we are already welcoming the first (of what we believe will be many) new groups!

And because everyone loves babies....we welcomed so many little ones into the world over the last several weeks. Congratulations to the moms of these sweet babies!

And here is a photo dump of MomCo / MOPS meetings and events from all over the continent in August and September!